Why PCO?

Why PCO - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham North Carolina

PCO: What’s in a name? It’s typically a rhetorical question these days, but makes sense to ask. Companies are named for a meaning, an image, or a play on words. So why did we choose to name this website “Paint Covered Overalls?” Here’s a little peek behind the name.

Paint Covered Overalls began as an idea for DIYers. Homeowners dedicated to their own home improvement, and learning new skills along the way.

PCO Means Reliable Information

But there are plenty of similar sites out there, adding yet another home improvement website to the mix wasn’t enough. We decided to reach out to our network of experts – they’re the ones we call when we have questions. Why not share the information straight from the source? The electricians, painters, plumbers, and mortgage brokers who do this every day. We work directly with professionals in all home improvement areas to give you the best information possible.

Focused on Local

Beyond that, we’re focused here in the Triangle of North Carolina. That means, the professionals we work with are here for you. If you get stuck, or realize you don’t have time for a project, our contributors are a phone call away. They are local businesses here in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. That matters when you’re selecting the type of grass to keep your lawn green, or have questions about refinancing your mortgage. It’d be difficult to get the right advice from a bank or landscaper from somewhere else.

Your Paint Covered Overalls

Every DIY homeowner has a set of “project clothes” they keep around. They might not be actual overalls covered in paint, but you know the ones I’m talking about. The t-shirt that wears paint like a badge of honor. Each spot from a successful home improvement project, and each one marks a new skill. The pants or shorts with some wood glue or errant caulk, but who cares because next weekend you’ll probably add some mud stains from that yardwork you’re planning.

That’s who we are, homeowners who want our home improvement projects done right. We made a place for the right information directly from local professionals. It only made sense to give a nod to those clothes that have seen so much work.

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Stuart is a North Carolina native and NC State graduate who has been a resident of the Triangle since 2012 after a 4-year adventure in New York City. This enthusiastic craft beer nerd and self-proclaimed foodie found a home among the diverse offerings of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. He lives with the love of his life, Shelby, and their rescued four-legged family member, Finnegan.



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