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How To Caulk Your Sink or Shower - Shefter, Stuart - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham North Carolina
Caulking is a simple skill that can prevent homeowner headaches in the long run. From your kitchen sink to your bathtub, and even the base of your toilet, caulk prevents water from reaching unwanted places. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to replace the caulk on your sink, tub, or toilet. Why Caulk Matters Caulk […]
How to Deal with Nail Pops - Bobholz, Richard - Paint Covered Overalls - Photo By Todd Maguire
Dealing with nail pops is actually a pretty easy thing to do if you have the right tools. What are Nail Pops? Unless your house is brand new, you’ve got nail pops somewhere. They’re virtually unavoidable. Fortunately, they’re not all that serious. Nail pops are those little protrusions in your walls and, most commonly, your […]
Changing Your Locks - Paint Covered Overalls
Changing your locks is actually a very easy process. It is also a thing you should do when you move into a new home. We’ve broken down the process into easy steps for you, so don’t sit back. Go get your screwdriver! Tools for Changing Your Locks You should only need a phillips screwdriver. However, […]
How to Repair Drywall - Paint Covered Overalls
Worried about what it takes to repair drywall? I’m here to tell you it is actually a lot easier than you think! I’m doing a small home renovation project, part of which involves moving some light switches to more convenient locations. After I move the switches, I have to repair drywall holes. Cut a Rectangle […]