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Garbage Disposal No Nos - Shefter, Stuart - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham North Carolina
Your garbage disposal can make cleaning up after mealtime (or during prep) a breeze. It may seem that your disposal can pulverize anything you throw at it, but that’s not the whole story. Like any appliance or system in your home, a little maintenance knowledge can extend the life and prevent future headaches. Those headaches […]
Cord Management - Paint Covered Overalls
Cord management can make the difference between a college dorm and an adult household. It’s also important for protecting pets and loved ones. Unruly cords can pose a safety hazard. The main purposes for cord management are (1) safety and (2) aesthetics. All the different styles of managing your cables revolve around these purposes. Your […]
What Not To Store In Your Crawl Space - Paint Covered Overalls
This is an article on what not to store in your crawl space. Preferably, you wouldn’t store anything in your crawl space. However, sometimes you just need a little extra storage. Porous Materials Porous materials are at the top of the my list of what not to store in your crawl space. When you store […]