Shout Out To Our Contributors!

Shout Out To Our Contributors - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham North Carolina

Our contributors have helped get our company off the ground in 2020. We’ve had such a great first year and we owe that success to our contributors! Above all, we thank these contributors from the bottom of our hearts. However, thanks alone doesn’t seem like enough.

In honor of our success, we want to give an extra shout out to those professionals we work with.

Steven Winegar

Steven Winegar is our loan officer extraordinaire (Loan Officer, NMLS #: 1476135). He uses his knowledge and care to help those in the community get the best mortgage for their situation.

He has provided 5 great articles in 2020 including ones on Mortgage Pre-Approval, Renovation Mortgages, and why your mortgage payment changes year after year.

Dominic Abbenante

Dominic Abbenante is one of our contributors. He generously contributes his time and talents to give us articles on lighting and electricity. Dominic served as a professor of lighting design and media design for theater at UNC. He was also the Master Electrician and resident lighting and projection designer for Playmakers Repertory Company.

Iris Johnson

Iris Johnson is our interior design expert. She graciously gave us one of our earliest articles: Repurposing Old Furniture. Iris concentrates on residential interior design and has a wealth of knowledge that benefits our readers.

Eli Alcorn

Eli Alcorn is the owner of Oak City Insurance and a wonderful contributor of ours. He has given us an article on DIY Projects That May Prevent an Insurance Claim.

Scott Bloomer

Scott Bloomer is our painting expert. He gave us a great guide on deciding which rooms make sense to DIY the paint versus hiring a professional.

In conclusion, we’ve enjoyed quite a first year. After all, we’ve learned a lot! For instance, I never would have thought about what to do to prevent an insurance claim. Additionally, we’ve gain a mountain of information about mortgages we never knew we needed.

Therefore, thank you all. Here’s to all of our continued success in the new year!

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Richard Bobholz is a full time lawyer and part time amateur carpenter. As a homeowner, he likes to take care of as many home repair, maintenance, and improvement aspects as he can while ensuring things are done the right way the first time. With no real carpentry credentials, his articles focus a lot more on the broad aspects of home care and less on the proper way to do things.



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