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Anatomy of an Outlet Diagram
The anatomy of an outlet is something every homeowner should have a basic understanding of. AS ALWAYS, PLEASE TURN OFF ELECTRICITY TO OUTLETS AT BREAKER PANEL BEFORE DOING ANY HOME WIRING! Editor’s Note: Anytime we talk about electricity, we need to tell you that any electrical work on your house is dangerous. What follows in […]
Cord Management - Paint Covered Overalls
Cord management can make the difference between a college dorm and an adult household. It’s also important for protecting pets and loved ones. Unruly cords can pose a safety hazard. The main purposes for cord management are (1) safety and (2) aesthetics. All the different styles of managing your cables revolve around these purposes. Your […]
Breaker Box Versus Fuse Box
What’s the difference between a breaker box and a fuse box? Let’s start by saying I’m not an electrician. Therefore, I’m not going to give you a detailed technical description of how these work. I’m a homeowner who can change a light fixture or move an outlet around. That’s it. Each state is subject to […]