Why Was Paint Covered Overalls Created?

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In early 2020, Stuart Shefter and Richard Bobholz created Paint Covered Overalls. It was created for 2 purposes:

  1. Educate homeowners about home maintenance and improvement.
  2. Allow experts to showcase their expertise and reach a larger audience.

About The Founders

Stuart Shefter is a real estate agent at Peak, Swirles, & Cavallito. He works with buyers and sellers in the Durham area and loves making personal connections with his clients and trades who help his clients.

Richard Bobholz is an attorney at Law Plus Plus. He occasionally works with contractors to grow their businesses.

The Need

Both Richard and Stuart found a lack of resources for local contractors to get their names in front of homeowners in the Durham area.

Contractors either had to pay a ton of money to national apps and hope it works for them or rely solely on referrals.

While referrals are the best way for residential trades to grow their business, there was definitely a need for something like PCO to compliment that.

Our Solution

Paint Covered Overalls allows contractors like electricians, handymen, plumbers, and more to reach a wider audience.

We’ve found that homeowners are more likely to hire a company that gives back to the community. PCO offers contractors a way to do that. By contributing a small amount of their knowledge, contractors can become an expert in the reader’s mind as well as someone helping the community.

We’ve taken steps to increase the likelihood a reader will come back to hire one of our contributors. One of those ways is a contact us form at the bottom of every article that emails directly to our contributor.

The Cost of Running Paint Covered Overalls

Fortunately, Paint Covered Overalls is able to operate without any cost to our contributors or our readers. Ads and affiliate programs cover 100% of the cost of maintaining the site. This helps keep the content meaningful to our readers and an effective tool for our contributors.

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Author Details

Richard Bobholz is a full time lawyer and part time amateur carpenter. As a homeowner, he likes to take care of as many home repair, maintenance, and improvement aspects as he can while ensuring things are done the right way the first time. With no real carpentry credentials, his articles focus a lot more on the broad aspects of home care and less on the proper way to do things.


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