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Getting the Most Out Of Paint Covered Overalls - Users - Paint Covered Overalls
As one of our readers, we want you to get the most out of Paint Covered Overalls. If our content isn’t helpful to homeowners in Durham, we’re not doing our job. Why Was Paint Covered Overalls Created? Our founders discovered a lack of local information regarding home ownership. There are a lot of home maintenance […]
Making a Cat Safe Household - Paint Covered Overalls - Teddy and Pickles
Making a cat safe household is a unique challenge. It also largely depends on your cat. I, for one, have a cat that is very lazy (Pickles) and another that will chew up everything if he’s not getting the right attention (Teddy). Cats have very strong personalities which can be why we love them, but […]
Paint Covered Overalls - Home Care, Home Maintenance, Home Repair
In early 2020, Stuart Shefter and Richard Bobholz created Paint Covered Overalls. It was created for 2 purposes: Educate homeowners about home maintenance and improvement. Allow experts to showcase their expertise and reach a larger audience. About The Founders Stuart Shefter is a real estate agent at Peak, Swirles, & Cavallito. He works with buyers […]
Increase Your Home Value Through These Quick Improvements - Shefter, Stuart
Homeowners always want to know how to increase your home value. Home projects and improvements are fun. They make a house feel more like a home. But, let’s be honest, home owners also want to get value from their improvements. With so many options, here are 6 projects you can enjoy now, and will help […]
What Not To Store In Your Crawl Space - Paint Covered Overalls
This is an article on what not to store in your crawl space. Preferably, you wouldn’t store anything in your crawl space. However, sometimes you just need a little extra storage. Porous Materials Porous materials are at the top of the my list of what not to store in your crawl space. When you store […]
Home Security - Shefter, Stuart - Paint Covered Overalls
Home Security is important. I’m not an alarmist (get it?‚Ķalarm), but the safety of my family, friends, and clients is top priority. According to the FIB, North Carolina experienced 62,290 burglaries in 2018. That’s nearly 600 burglaries per 100,000 people living in NC. Another way of saying it – that’s one burglary in NC every […]
Types of Door Knobs - Paint Covered Overalls
It may be weird to think about the different types of door knobs, but here we are! You may be thinking “a door knob is a door knob.” However, there are actually several things you have to consider. Keyed Entry Door Knobs The first door knob you likely discover in any building is the keyed […]
Standard Sizes in Your Home - Paint Covered Overalls
If you like order, you’ll love the standard sizes found throughout your home. This handy article outlines a few of the more common items you’ll find and the sizes they use. Standard Sizes in Walls Modern walls are great for being standard. At least in homes, you’ll find your regular run-of-the-mill wall to be right […]