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The Process

Our contributors work directly with one of our editors to select a topic and meet editorial deadlines. Our goal is to become the local spot for expert advice on repairing, maintaining, or improving residential properties. To that end, we work with quality contractors and trades that service the Triangle area, specifically Southern Durham County (for now) to create, edit, and publish articles that help homeowners understand the ins and outs of their house.

We hope that while we’re getting more and more readers, you’re getting referrals off of our site from readers who already know you’re knowledgeable and skilled in your profession.



  • Contribute 2-4 articles each year on relevant helpful content for homeowners.
  • Articles should be 300-1,200 words long.
  • Topics should help a homeowner diagnose, repair, or improve their home.
  • Provided articles should be unique to our site and not infringe on anyone else’s rights.

Basic Terms

  1. You’re not a contributor until an article of yours appears on this site. There are steps in between then and now like being approved, writing, and editing.
  2. You don’t get paid for your content. You do get links all over our site and social media back to your website as well as a contact us form that directly emails you.
  3. We get an irrevocable license to any content you provide to showcase on our site or create derivative works.


Q: What is the catch? Why is this free?
A: Because we make our money off of ads, affiliates, and promoted posts.

Q: Who owns the content I write?
A: You do, but you’re not allowed to post the same content elsewhere on the internet. You can rewrite it, but it hurts both our SEO if the same article appears in two places.

Q: Can I pay someone to write my articles for me?
A: Yes. In fact, we work with ghost writers who are skilled with blog writing. The only caveat is that your name is attached to the work, so you should make sure it is accurate and gives good advice.