Who Writes for Paint Covered Overalls?

Who Writes for Paint Covered Overalls - Durham North Carolina

A contributor writes articles for us, but who are these contributors? Paint Covered Overalls aims to provide the best written content for Durham, North Carolina homeowners. Therefore, we seek out professionals who would have the kind of information our readers would benefit from knowing. That’s not super descriptive, I know!


All of our contributors have to be local professionals. We’re looking for locally owned and locally operated. We find better content and better relationships this way. Additionally, our readers tend to trust and work with local professionals over nationally owned ones.

Professional and Trades

We only want articles written by people knowledgeable and skilled in their field. Leave the amateur writing to Stuart and myself! What takes us several hours to research and write, we know professionals would know off the top of their heads. That benefits everyone!

Write What They Know

Not all professionals know everything about their field. That’s good and expected. Therefore, we only work with professionals who write what they know. For example, one of our contributors wrote an article on lawn mower maintenance because that’s an area they focus on. That ends up being exceptional content.

The X Factor

Finally, we have that X Factor. We’re picky about who we work with because we want quality content that benefits our readers and our contributors. Therefore, we take a little time to get to know our potential contributors before we work with them.


We don’t charge our contributors anything to submit an article to our site. Additionally, we don’t charge our contributors anything to have their content highlighted through our social media platforms and our newsletter.

However, we do have ways our contributors can get more attention if they want to pay something. They’re under no obligation to choose any of these paid options, and we rarely even ask!

Featured Posts

A featured post is a post advertising the services of one of our professionals. For example, a plumber could ask us for a featured post and we’d talk about all the highlights of that plumber and how to hire him.

Because we have our own reputation to maintain, we would also vet any potential featured contributors first to make sure they do a quality job and are someone we would feel comfortable promoting. Instead of writing a neutral to bad article about them, we’d simply pass on any suspect professionals.

Social Media Paid Posts

From time-to-time, we would lend our own social media capital to contributors or other professionals who would benefit from reaching a broader audience. Just like with featured posts, we would vet any potential sponsors.

With all paid content, we would label it as such. We don’t want anyone being misled about any bias or endorsement on our end. Also, it’s the law.

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