Benefits to Being a Contributor

Benefits to Being a Contributor - Paint Covered Overalls

There are benefits to being a contributor to Paint Covered Overalls.

Increased Exposure

Firstly, we work very hard to increase the exposure of all of our contributors. We know that when experts give their knowledge freely to the world, they gain trust in their audience’s eyes. This is PCO’s primary purpose.


Secondly, we help our contributors’ SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Google ranks websites based on how much of an authority they are. Fortunately, we only allow quality content on our site. This increases our rank in Google’s eyes.

Consequently, links from our site to yours increase your score. Links from any high ranking site to yours help you rank higher.

Contact Us Form

Thirdly, all of our contributors have the option to place a contact us form on the articles they provide. We don’t take commission, nor do we act as a gatekeeper of the potential customers. This is specifically for our contributors’ benefits.

Social Media

Fourthly, all articles get promoted on our social media accounts. Additionally, we frequently highlight some of our contributors for specific praise. If you have your own social media accounts, hopefully we can send you new followers.

Contributor Page

Finally, for additional thanks, we have a contributor’s page. Our contributors each have a bio and links back to your own website. In time, we hope to expand this page to be separated by services our contributors provide. This would be a great resource for our readers. We know that those who want to help others take the same care in their trade.

Benefits to Being a Contributor

We hope that you see the benefits of being a contributor. If you’re interested in helping others, we’d love to have you. Specifically, if you work with homeowners in Durham, North Carolina, we could be a great resource for you.

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Richard Bobholz is a full time lawyer and part time amateur carpenter. As a homeowner, he likes to take care of as many home repair, maintenance, and improvement aspects as he can while ensuring things are done the right way the first time. With no real carpentry credentials, his articles focus a lot more on the broad aspects of home care and less on the proper way to do things.


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