Regular Lawnmower Maintenance

Regular Lawnmower Maintenance - Osburn Home Services - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham North Carolina

Regular lawnmower maintenance isn’t something a new homeowner typically enjoys discussing. Before becoming a homeowner, you’re all excited to buy a house and finally own, rather than rent an apartment.


You also realize you have new responsibilities. These include changing AC filters, cleaning air ducts, setting aside money for major house issues, changing your fridge filter, pressure washing outside of your house, etc. Unfortunately, you no longer rely on maintenance to come and do everything for you. It all falls on you.

Outdoor Appliance Maintenance

Did you know that you have to also think about appliances you use outside too? Leaf blowers, weed eaters, lawnmowers for instance. Did you know if you own a lawnmower you have to service it like you do your car? Preventative maintenance includes changing the oil, belts, filters, sharpening your blades and even checking your tires. You need to do these to keep your mower in tip top shape. This is for both push mowers and riding mowers.

Regular Service

We highly recommend servicing your mowers before winter to winterize it. Then, get it serviced after winter to make sure everything still runs fine. Finally, you should service it one time in the summer since all through spring and into summer mowers are used like crazy.

As a homeowner if you have not thought about servicing your mower especially as many times as we highly recommend no worries don’t stress about it. Just start now! There is still time to get into the habit of doing preventative lawnmower maintenance.

Complete Breakdowns

If your mower (push or riding) no longer works, no worries. You can repair lawnmowers just like your other major appliances. Obviously, lawnmower maintenance is cheaper and keeps your mower running longer and better. However, if you’re facing a dead lawnmower, don’t throw it out or despair. Instead, get it repaired.

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