How Does PCO Make Money?

How Does PCO Make Money - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham NC

Paint covered overalls, like all businesses, aims to make money. Above all, PCO believes strongly in transparency when it comes to our content. Therefore, we take great effort to ensure you’re still getting quality content no matter if we have a financial stake in it or not.

Our previous blog covers why PCO was created. In summary, we wanted a local resource for homeowners to get valuable education from locally owned trades.

That said, Paint Covered Overalls makes money in a variety of ways. After all, we are a business.


Firstly, we have Google Adsense running on all of our blogs. We get money by you viewing or clicking on those ads. Unlike many other sites, we only have a couple of ads on each page. Personally, we hate the sites that have too many ads on them, so we limit ours.

Product Reviews

Secondly, we do product reviews. Companies will pay us to write a review of their product or service. We do not allow these companies to edit our review. They just have to have faith in their product. As a caveat, we also do product reviews where we aren’t getting paid.

Promoted Posts

Thirdly, our contributors can write a “promoted post.” These are educational or promotional posts that we highlight higher up on our site. These promoted posts are on a monthly basis.

Social Media Advertising

Fourthly, we sell space on our social media accounts. We often promote our contributors without them paying us, but if a contributor wants a specific shoutout, we have a way for them to purchase that.

Affiliate Marketing

Fifthly, we sell certain products. These are either directly from us or as an affiliate service. The affiliate service is a link you’ll click to go to another site to buy the product. These sites pay us a percentage of all purchases made after clicking our link.

Conclusion About Our Money

With all of our ways of monetizing our site, quality control is most important. We screen all products and services that we promote. However, money is not the number one concern we have. We hope this article helps you understand how we operate.

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