Getting The Most Out Of Paint Covered Overalls – Users

Getting the Most Out Of Paint Covered Overalls - Users - Paint Covered Overalls

As one of our readers, we want you to get the most out of Paint Covered Overalls. If our content isn’t helpful to homeowners in Durham, we’re not doing our job.

Why Was Paint Covered Overalls Created?

Our founders discovered a lack of local information regarding home ownership. There are a lot of home maintenance blogs out there, but it is helpful to learn from local experts and about local topics.

Durham is different than other parts of the country. Consequently, we cater our information specifically to Durham. For example, look at Durham’s Chicken Laws.

Paint Covered Overalls Goals

  1. Provide valuable educational content for homeowners created by local experts.
  2. Give added free exposure to local experts to help grow their businesses.

Getting Involved

The best way you can get value out of Paint Covered Overalls is to be active and involved. We monitor the site and our social media sites for comments and suggestions.

If you have questions, we are happy to find you answers. For example, one of our readers asked us about fixing nail pops. Now, we have an article on that!

Send Us Feedback

We’re a resource for you. Therefore, you should feel welcome to send us feedback if you have any.


If you want to help us grow, the best thing you can do is tell your neighbors about us. We don’t charge our readers or contributors. Therefore, we rely solely on advertising for revenue.

Additionally, more readers means more engagement on our site. The more engagement we have, the easier it is to entice experts to contribute valuable content. It is a snowball affect that starts with quality content.


Thank you for being one of our readers! We look forward to being a resource for you! Let us know you’re around by commenting, tagging, liking, or giving us a shoutout!

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Richard Bobholz is a full time lawyer and part time amateur carpenter. As a homeowner, he likes to take care of as many home repair, maintenance, and improvement aspects as he can while ensuring things are done the right way the first time. With no real carpentry credentials, his articles focus a lot more on the broad aspects of home care and less on the proper way to do things.


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