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Keeping a healthy home requires a lot of remembering when to do things. When should you test your smoke detectors? When do you bring the hoses in? Why are there so many things to do as a homeowner?

We can help. Instead of trying to remember everything a homeowner has to do, we’ll email you when it’s time. Just sign up for our list today.

So Much To Remember

We can help you keep your house in order. No, we can’t show up and clean your gutters for you (sorry!), but we can give you a gentle nudge when it is time to do that.

Yes, all of this information can easily be stored in a series of calendars, to-do lists, and the back of your brain. But, why would you want that?

This Healthy Home List is solely about getting you the reminders you need. We don’t spam you and we’re not going to sell your information.


Every Spring, there’s a bunch of things you need to do. It’s the landscaping season! Time to mow your lawn a bunch and get that spring cleaning done.


Summer is hot and summer is humid. That’s the North Carolina way. Hot and humid come with a lot of their own challenges.


Every fall, you have to deal with cooling temperatures, dropping humidity, and a whole lot of debris falling all over your yard. Inside, there are many changes needed too!


Most of your household tasks in the winter are indoors, but that doesn’t mean there’s less to do. Cooler temperatures can be a pain to deal with if you’ve forgotten any of the winter steps.