Intro to Residential Leases - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham North Carolina
If you want to rent out your house, you need to know about residential leases. However, not all rental types require the same lease information. For example, I’m fairly confident you’ve never signed a pen and paper lease for a hotel room. That’s because “inns” and vacation rentals are separate areas of law from residential […]
Getting the Most Out Of Paint Covered Overalls - Users - Paint Covered Overalls
As one of our readers, we want you to get the most out of Paint Covered Overalls. If our content isn’t helpful to homeowners in Durham, we’re not doing our job. Why Was Paint Covered Overalls Created? Our founders discovered a lack of local information regarding home ownership. There are a lot of home maintenance […]
Should I Paint This Room Myself or Hire Someone - Bloomer, Scott - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham NC
Should I paint this room myself or hire someone? When it does or doesn’t make sense to DIY Before we look at a couple of reasons to DIY( do it yourself) or not DIY, I’d like to give a little background about myself and my feelings about DIY projects. First off, I am a big […]
Making a Cat Safe Household - Paint Covered Overalls - Teddy and Pickles
Making a cat safe household is a unique challenge. It also largely depends on your cat. I, for one, have a cat that is very lazy (Pickles) and another that will chew up everything if he’s not getting the right attention (Teddy). Cats have very strong personalities which can be why we love them, but […]
How to Deal with Nail Pops - Bobholz, Richard - Paint Covered Overalls - Photo By Todd Maguire
Dealing with nail pops is actually a pretty easy thing to do if you have the right tools. What are Nail Pops? Unless your house is brand new, you’ve got nail pops somewhere. They’re virtually unavoidable. Fortunately, they’re not all that serious. Nail pops are those little protrusions in your walls and, most commonly, your […]
Mortgage Pre-Approval - Winegar, Steven - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham NC
Give yourself a competitive advantage with a mortgage pre-approval. If you have been shopping for a home recently, I don’t have to tell you that it is very competitive. People are snapping up homes after one day on the market. Sellers often have the option to choose between multiple offers. As a buyer you face […]
Types of Edging for Your Lawn - Shefter, Stuart - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham NC
Types of Edging for your Lawn There are plenty of types of edging as ways to elevate the curb appeal of your home. One of the easiest is to add definition to your flower beds with landscape edging. It adds a sense of organization to a home’s exterior. In practical terms, it also keeps mulch […]
Paint Covered Overalls - Home Care, Home Maintenance, Home Repair
In early 2020, Stuart Shefter and Richard Bobholz created Paint Covered Overalls. It was created for 2 purposes: Educate homeowners about home maintenance and improvement. Allow experts to showcase their expertise and reach a larger audience. About The Founders Stuart Shefter is a real estate agent at Peak, Swirles, & Cavallito. He works with buyers […]
What Does an HOA Do - Shefter, Stuart - Paint Covered Overalls - Durham NC
Regardless of your feelings toward them, Home Owner Associations can be a major consideration of home ownership. Many modern neighborhoods have an HOA in some form or another. The question most people ask is “why?” Knowing the answer to this will help you gauge if your next home should be part of an HOA or […]
Picking the Right Lightbulb Color Temperature - Paint Covered Overalls
As a homeowner, chances are slim that much thought has been given to what color temperature your lightbulbs are. Much thought often goes into the design motifs of sconces and fixtures. However, quite often the lighting discussion tends to peter out after decisions about LEDs and Wattages. Wattage and source type are very important to […]